At Pacific Gardens, we know that exercise and activities promote a better life for seniors, so we have a holistic wellness philosophy for both body and mind.

Wellness also includes reaching out to the wider community.  Pacific Gardens hosts a monthly Meet the Doctor seminar where distinguished physicians discuss dementia and other medical issues.  There is also a quarterly wellness event.   Our acclaimed Dementia Reality Tour informs  and educates the public by simulating the world of dementia.

We encourage our residents to exercise in a way that is best for them. We have a seated exercise program, balance class and special stretching exercises.  We also have an on-site gym with special equipment for seniors.  Everything is professionally supervised by Rehab Go Rehabilitation to make sure safety is paramount and everyone who participates benefits.

Residents also need to feel good about their personal appearance and grooming.  Pacific Gardens has its own beauty salon where anyone can get a shampoo, haircut or pedicure, and manicure.  All they have to do is sign up at the front desk.

We pride ourselves on promoting the health and well being of all our residents.

Exercise can help improve your ability to do the everyday things you want to do.

National Institutes on Aging
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