For any family struggling with the issue of finding care for their aging parent, visit Pacific Gardens. My sisters and I discovered this state-of-the art facility 7 years ago when faced with Mom’s dementia diagnosis. The staff walked with us through each step of this challenging time; taking care of Mom’s needs and helping us cope, too. We have developed a relationship with the entire team from caregiver’s, nurses, chefs, front office personnel and many residents and their families. This facility continues to improve by adding more resident activities, family support, and continued education keeping them in the forefront of dementia care. As it takes a village to raise a child, so it can be said that same need is there for parents who have lost their ability to be independent. The peace of mind in knowing Mom was so well cared for has been immeasurable. Mom’s struggle ended March 22nd with personal attention right up to her last breath. Hospice was brought in for the last two weeks so she was able to stay at the place she considered home. No words can adequately express our gratitude to Pacific Gardens for their support.Deanne

Moving my parents to Pacific Gardens was the right decision for us all. The Pacific Gardens staff became an extension of our family, treating Mom and Dad like their own parents. Because of their devotion, the staff allowed me and my sibling precious time to enjoy our parents, without concern for their safety or medication schedules. The Pacific Gardens owners choose their staff very carefully; every one of them is loving and attentive. We feel very blessed to have been a part of the Pacific Gardens family for a few short years. Laurie

Aging is inevitable — we all know it, but it always seems to “creep” up on us and members of our family. Like a lot of people this happened to me and my family. Dad was “slipping”….eventually we got the diagnosis that it was Alzheimer’s and it was becoming a real strain for Mom to take care of him and their home. What to do? They did not want caregivers in their home and honestly Mom was having a hard time taking care of the house before Dad became ill. What to do? Mom had heard of several facilities that were “specialists” in caring for Alzheimer patients so we booked several appointments to tour them. After a referral from a friend of mine whose mother was a resident at Pacific Gardens, I decided to add a tour of Pacific Gardens last on the list. Well—– after my Mom and brother and I toured Pacific Gardens, my brother and I turned to each other and said and I quote….”Mom if you don’t want to stay here we kids will!!!” We were so impressed with the facility, the rooms, the attention to detail, the dining room and the food…..after our tour the staff invited us to dine with the residents and see what the food was like, well — the rest is history! Mom and Dad moved in the next week, Dad was moved to the “Memory Support” side soon after arrival and Mom was able to visit him several times a day (she stayed on the Assisted Living side) and he was able to join her for activities on the Assisted Living side. The care the staff provides, genuine concern and support — the level of maintenance and cleanliness of the facility….remember we toured at least three other facilities and Mom got more and more discouraged after each one —– until we arrived at Pacific Gardens. Additionally the activities and functions that they arrange are excellent! Even, “scenic tours” where assisted living and memory support residents can go for a nice ride on the Pacific Garden’s bus (never getting off the bus!!) and stopping for ice cream along the way, with views of the area, along the bay and over the Golden Gate Bridge. My family cannot say enough about Pacific Gardens! Thank you to all for such wonderful care and making the “aging years” so much more comfortable for the entire family!Joan

Your parents do so much for you (everything) while growing up. Before you know it your world is completely changed. Now you find that your mom and dad can’t be at home any longer. Every day is a struggle for them and you. I was overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. I had to find a safe, caring and loving place for mom and dad.

We visited many assisted living facilities in the bay area. From south San Jose to the Peninsula, then we walked into Pacific Gardens. Honestly, as soon as the staff welcomed us I felt a genuine caring and support. More than just the beauty of the rooms and the people, I could feel and see that the residents and caregivers really cared for one another.

It was the holiday season and Pacific Gardens looked wonderful. The fireplace was glowing and to my delight I hear children singing beautiful Christmas songs. The residents and families were enjoying themselves and creating lasting memories.

I am so thankful that I found Pacific Gardens and my parents feel the same. Everyone here is like family to one another. The peace of mind that I have at the end of the day, knowing that mom and dad are safe, loved, and cared for is indescribable.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or know that the time has come for your loved one to have a new and wonderful place to call “Home” I highly recommend Pacific Gardens.

To the owners, staff, caregivers and everyone at Pacific Gardens we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Words can not express the gratitude we have for all you have done and continue to do each and everyday. We are so very blessed to have been a part of the dedicated people who care and love us at a time when it is much needed.

I Thank God for all of you. You are an answer to prayers.Jerry

Ever since Mom became a resident in the Memory Support Area of Pacific Gardens she has been treated with respect, dignity and love. We truly appreciate all that you do to provide her with the quality of life she deserves. You are all part of our extended family and we will always be thankful for the home you have provided to Mom. Jim

In a market where assisted living facilities are often too large and commercial, Pacific Gardens is an oasis of caring. Long-time staff and caregivers have created a true home for residents. My Mom moved in three years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. Her lovely, modern assisted living apartment gives her a sense of privacy, yet help is only a push-button away. And I have peace of mind knowing that she resides in a loving, caring and safe environment.Michele

Pacific Gardens is a friendly, warm and welcoming place. My parents have lived at Pacific Gardens for the past year and a half. It has been such a great place for them. The staff is kind, tender and considerate. The help and care they have provided to my parents and our family has truly been a blessing. My mother has dementia and lives in an area of Pacific Gardens where she is safe and protected from harm, and can live with a quality of life that is best suited for her. She receives wonderful care from her care givers. They keep her busy with crafts, singing, concerts, baking, outings and games. The staff is there to help not only the residents but the families of the residents as well. Pacific Gardens has created a loving, homey environment for all the residents and their families. Anyone who walks into Pacific Gardens immediately feels welcome. My family highly recommends Pacific Gardens as a very special place for loved ones. Linda