No “one size fits all” meets the program needs of our residents.  Each has different mental and physical abilities.   That’s why Pacific Gardens has four activity programs.  The Explorer and SOAR programs are in Assisted Living.  The Hummingbirds and Bluebirds programs are in Memory Support.  Each program has its own coordinator.


Explorer Program

The Explorers have good cognition and energy. The Resident Activities Committee meets monthly. It works with staff to determine what they want to do. Staff makes it happen! They do a lot! Ceramics, Wii bowling, blackjack, games, lunch outings and travel lectures are just some of what they do! Take a look! The key is engagement to maintain mental wellness.  Residents engage in whatever activities they are able, and that they enjoy the most.

SOAR (Soar with Our Adult Resources) Program

Residents with Mild Cognitive Dementia have early stage dementia. They’re often forgetful and sometimes have trouble following a conversation. They can’t always keep up with the Explorers. So they begin to withdraw. They’re embarrassed. SOAR is more individualized and focused. It helps support their memories as well as maintain their engagement with their ongoing life today. They do Sing Alongs and Remember When, current events and travel. They watch movies in our private theatre and TV shows from the 1940’s, ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

A Flexible Mix

Our programs are flexible. Sometimes residents who usually participate in the Explorer program join in SOAR activities. Sometimes residents who usually participate in SOAR join in Explorer activities. Together residents may enjoy entertainment or travel lectures.   Stimulation keeps the brain’s neurons from deteriorating faster.View Calendar

Older adults who participate in social or productive activities live longer than those that do not.National Institutes of Health


Our Memory Support Program has two elements based on a resident’s cognition. The Hummingbirds element is for mid-stage dementia, while the Bluebird Element is for residents who are at later stages of dementia.


With mid-stage dementia, the Hummingbird program strives to support memory as long as possible. . Residents are still mobile and can communicate. Sometimes their sentences don’t make sense. They repeat themselves a lot. They can get agitated if they don’t know what is coming next. The Hummingbirds Program is very structured to give residents a sense of security while also providing stimulation and activation of memory.


Bluebirds are at the later stages of dementia. The families of these residents have walked the long journey through the various stages of memory loss. Although many residents may no longer be able to talk and walk, Pacific Gardens believes its mission is to continue to enrich their lives. With its emphasis on sensory activities like hand massage and listening to music, Pacific Gardens’ program is designed to provide a better quality of life for all its residents.